Hallmark Inspired Land in Georgia

November 30, 2022


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The holiday season is here, which is why we wanted to highlight our favorite Hallmark towns in Georgia. Whether you are looking for Christmas light displays, snowy mountains, or winter festivities, Georgia has something for all winter fanatics. Georgia has plenty of charming mountain villages that serve as the setting for popular Hallmark Christmas films. The land in Georgia offers cities, mountains, lakes, and plenty of greenery. If you are looking to find land for sale North Georgia, Woodland Group will help you find a future home.

Dahlonega, North Georgia

The ultimate Hallmark town during the holidays is called Dahlonega. This charming mountain town is located in North Georgia and is the definition of a winter wonderland. The town is illuminated with Christmas lights everywhere you look making it a beautiful town to walk through. Friends and families will fall in love with the holiday spirits and the pop-up shops that align the streets. This quaint town is home to films like Christmas in the Smokies, and Christmas in Homestead.

Helen, Northeast Georgia

Get lost in the beautiful alpine village of Helen, GA. Helen is inspired by traditional German culture which reflects in the village’s architecture, music, cuisine, and shops. Helen is placed in the middle of the Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains and has beautiful waterfalls, views, and activities. This town is beautiful to visit year-round however is especially beautiful to visit during the holidays and to celebrate Oktoberfest. This alpine town features the Hallmark movie, A Taste of Christmas and Christmas Love Letter.

Pine Mountain, Georgia

Pine Mountain is a quaint town that is a popular destination to visit during the holidays. People travel from all over the country every year to experience the incredible “Fantasy in Lights” display at the Callaway Resort & Garden. Over 10 million lights over 2,500 acres make for the light show and it also has the biggest Christmas tree in the south. Pine Mountains are located in a historical site that is home to the F.D. Roosevelt State Park and Roosevelt’s Little White House State Historic Site. Pine Mountain, is one of the most desired places to live in Georgia. Finding mountain property for sale in this popular destination may be challenging, which is why hiring a Woodland Group realtor is your best option.

Land in Georgia | Woodland Group

Georgia is a great place to visit during the holidays. The state is filled with picturesque scenery and charming towns that spread amongst the land in Georgia, making it the perfect place to relocate. Woodland Group offers superior real estate specializing in mountain and waterfront homes. Contact our impressive team of real estate agents to find your perfect home.