Purchasing Land for Sale North Georgia | A Buyers Guide

June 22, 2023


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When buying a plot of land, knowing every step a buyer should take will help them in the long run. When looking at land for sale North Georgia having a checklist and list of questions to ensure our agents at The Woodland Group answer before putting in an offer is essential to keep peace of mind moving forward. What are those steps? Let our experts explain what to know and look for while searching for mountain land for sale Georgia.

Do Your Research Before Putting Down an Offer

Buying land or a home is a big deal, and clients should know every possibility and characteristic the house or piece of land has to offer. When working with reliable agents at The Woodland Group, we ensure a transparent process and are confident in the land we show our clients. An example is our reliable and beautiful creekside crossing properties. Regardless of our confidence, we still encourage our clients to ask questions to help them grow their confidence in the land-buying process. Buyers should ask specific questions to ensure they know everything before putting in an offer. Questions such as:

  • Am I allowed to do what I want with the land once I purchase it?
  • What are the local zoning regulations?
  • Does the sewer system need to be replaced?
  • Has there been a conducted perc test?
  • Is this within my budget?
  • Are there environmental risks?

Potential Environmental Risks

When conducting a perc test, this helps identify water absorption. A perc test is crucial because owners can only build a home on land with a passed perc test. After all, the land cannot hold a proper septic system if it can’t properly absorb water at a regulated pace. Additional environmental tests can teach a buyer about possible soil contamination and the likelihood of a sinkhole; both concepts are unfavorable and should be avoided when searching for land for sale North Georgia.

Consider Contingencies

Protecting your best interest and investment is vital if all looks well and you want to put in an offer. Conducting a list of contingencies is crucial. Contingencies allow you to investigate the home or land further before closing a deal. It gives a buyer room to explore and back out without losing their earnest money deposit if something comes back that doesn't meet your standards. When purchasing mountain land for sale in Georgia, common contingencies to note can be:

  • The land passes environmental tests
  • The piece of land can receive a septic system permit
  • Up-to-date survey knowing the boundaries and correct parcel size
  • The land passes a perc and soil test

The Woodland Group | Trusted Partner When Searching for Land for Sale North Georgia

Purchasing land can be stressful and overwhelming, especially for clients who aren't 100% confident in their actions. Working with our honest and knowledgeable agents at The Woodland Group will ensure that we only show land that's precisely what you are looking for and that we are 100% confident in, such as our creekside crossing properties. Our experience and expertise in land buying and selling will ensure an easy and transparent process with our clients. If you have questions or concerns, please contact our agents about mountain view land for sale today and let us help you!