The Importance of Land Surveying

July 10, 2022


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When viewing Eastern Tennessee real estate properties, potential landowners must know exactly what they're paying for. Land surveying is one of the best ways to ensure that the land you’re getting is of high quality and to your liking. The Woodland Group shares the benefits of land surveying and why you should consider land surveying when purchasing land for sale in Tennessee.

What is land surveying?

Land surveying is a great way to better understand the plot of land for sale in Eastern Tennessee. Surveys map the boundaries, corners, and area of a parcel of land. Land surveyors may also perform these surveys to monument the parcel's topography and the locations of any buildings on the property. Potential landowners use land surveying during these four instances:

  • Installing property boundaries, septic systems, or other home improvements
  • Security purposes
  • Dividing land into smaller sections or consolidating parcels
  • Buying or selling a plot of land for sale in Tennessee

Potential landowners have four common survey types to choose from when inquiring about Eastern Tennessee real estate. Let’s take a look at each!

ALTA Survey

ALTA surveys are most commonly used by title companies, lenders, or attorneys representing parties for commercial property purchases. They are also commonly used for refinances and improvements to Eastern Tennessee real estate. ALTA surveys are based on agreed-upon standards set by the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM) and the American Land Title Association (ALTA). With these standards in place, ALTA surveys are a reliable, universal standard that guarantees desired results for title companies and other interested parties. ALTA surveys provide a consistent scope of work that is frequently updated to conform to the latest technology and legal standards. ALTA Surveys are ideal for those interested in purchasing land for sale in Eastern Tennessee for large multi-family residential complexes, such as mountain condos, apartments, or neighborhoods. For those living outside of Tennessee, we recommend ALTA surveys for Eastern Tennessee real estate, especially if the interested members seek loans on this property type.

Mortgage Location Survey

Lenders or title insurers order Mortgage Location Surveys to prove that improvements are located in the correct land for sale in Eastern Tennessee as described in the legal description. These surveys are conducted upon an ownership transfer of Eastern Tennessee real estate, or with the refinancing of a property. The key benefit to this type of survey is that the results must include measurements taken at a site that may not be available on public records.

Topographic Survey

As the name implies, topographic surveys include field measurements and preparation to establish the elevations of the land for sale in Eastern Tennessee. The Woodland Group recommends contracting these surveys before making improvements or renovations to Eastern Tennessee real estate. These improvements may include landscaping, parking solutions, homebuilding plans, and more. Eastern Tennessee real estate specialists at The Woodland Group recommend requesting a contractor for land for sale in Eastern Tennessee. A contractor can assist in planning your home landscaping and homebuilding planning.

Boundary Survey

Boundary surveys are land surveys that specifically take a closer look at the property’s boundary lines. The surveyor will set property corners and produce a detailed map that requires research through public records, measurement taking, and calculation performance. State laws require boundary surveys for construction and permit processes of Eastern Tennessee real estate.

The Woodland Group | Land For Sale in Eastern Tennessee

The Woodland Group team dedicates itself to simplifying the land search process for our clients. From initial kickoff to final closings, our team of Eastern Tennessee real estate experts is qualified to assist you. We strive to find the perfect piece of land for sale in Eastern Tennessee to fit your lifestyle. Our team equips ourselves with the tools you need to build your dream into a reality. For more information about our Eastern Tennessee real estate, visit our website!